Online Training

GroundWater Desktop application for hydrogeologists and groundwater modelers

November 14-16, 2023, 1:00-4:00 PM US Eastern Time


This online training will be divided into 3 sessions lasting three hours each (1:00-4:00 PM) over the course of three days. Each session will be recorded and provided to you, so you can review the recordings at any time afterwards. The cost of the webinar is $750 for an individual or $1500 for one office location.

The online training will cover:

  • The overview of the user interface
    • Interface elements: functions and tools
    • Navigating the user interface
    • Backstage functions
    • 3D Viewer Interaction
  • Visualization of the GIS basemaps
    • Rasters,
    • Shapefiles,
    • Images,
    • GW Vistas MAP files
    • Buildings,
    • Logos
  • Importing and visualizing the environmental data
    • Data visualization using the scatter plots
    • Data visualization using the well type
    • Time series data visualization
    • Time series plotting interface
    • Borehole data visualization
    • Slant Borehole visualization
  • Groundwater level mapping and capture analysis using KT3D_H2O
    • Brief introduction to the kriging methods
    • Analytic elements integration into Kriging
    • Input data preparation
    • Kriging options
    • Drifts
    • Variograms
    • Particle Tracking
    • Capture Zone Analysis
  • 3D plume mapping
    • Brief introduction to the kriging methods
    • Input data preparation
    • Kriging options
    • Variograms
    • Kriging using Modflow grid to generate transport initial conditiones
    • Plume Volumetrics
  • Visualization of Modflow and related programs
    • Boundary Conditions Visualization, observations andtime series
    • Model properites, adding new properties, use of expresion editor to calculated new properties
    • Model properties visualizatin using Slices, Cuts and Fence Diagrams
    • Visualizing the model outputs,
      • MODFLOW,MF-USG/MF6: heads, fluxes
      • MODPATH/modPath3DU: pathlines, end points, capture zones
      • MT3D/MF-USG/MF6: concentrations, etc.
    • Particle tracking and 3D Capture using the modPATH3DU
  • Other Tools
    • Raster To Geology
Training will be held online via Zoom and include live Q&A sessions after each major section.


Marinko Karanovic is a hydrogeoloogist, groundwater modeler and software developer with over 15 years of experience in development, calibration and visualization of analytical and numerical models. He’s a developer of GroundWater Desktop, a fully three-dimensional (3D) interface for visualization and analysis of groundwater models, their results, and environmental data such as water levels and chemistry. He also developed KT3D_H2O, a MapWindow plug-in for a custom version of the GSLIB KT3D water level mapping program that incorporates analytic elements and particle-tracking in capture zone analyses. He has worked on groundwater flow models to assess flow and transport of contaminants at several Superfund Sites.

Description Price
Online training Single Person Registration $750
Online training Office Registration $1500


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