Environmental Data

GWD offers several tools for exploring and analyzing your data such as:

  • Environmental data such as water levels and chemistry
  • Well locations and their screen elevations
  • Borehole lithology data
  • Geophisical data, etc.

GWD supports reading the point data from a single file, (including Excel and ASCII file types) and importing data stored in a database. Supported database formats are PostgreSQL, MS Access and MS SQL.

Explore your monitoring wells chemistry data to:

  • Identify potential sources of contamination
  • Evaluate the extent of the contamination in groundwater and soil
  • Analyse historical presence and transport of contaminants using the multi-parameter plots time series in annotation charts

Visualize your characterization data at contaminated sites to:

  • Evaluate the vertical extent of the contamination.
  • Evaluate conceptual model of the ground water migration and contaminant transport
  • Evaluate your sampling and analysis plan

Enhance your understanding of stratigraphy by visualizing borehole data.

Advanced plotting capability includes following features:

  • Plot multiple parameters time series data simultaneously
  • Plot time series data from multiple sampling locations simultaneously.
  • Combine time series plots from multiple datasets
  • View annotation charts from multiple datasets


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