While GWD is flexible and has been used to visualize different models, development has been focused on the MODFLOW, MT3D, mod-PATH3DU and MODPATH, including the latest unstructured grid capabilities within MODFLOW-USG and MODFLOW6. GWD supports any type of the unstructured grids including but not limited to the quadtree, triangular or voronoi grid refinement. GWD provides user-friendly visualization tools to explore, understand and visualize the groundwater models, view the model numerical grid, input data such as properties and boundary conditions, and output data including heads, concentrations, fluxes and pathlines.

Models can be examined using the cross-sectional, cut-away, fence and layer "exploded" views. Easy to use widgets allows you to slice or cut anywhere through the model grid.

Explore Model properties, boundary packages and output grids using the cell inspector Annotation tool. Time series data such as pumping rates, observations can be presented using the Chart annotation.

Visalize the MT3D outputs as 3D grids, volumes or 3D contours, or create the subset using the cross-sectional, cut-away, fence views.

Visualize the modPATH3DU or Modpath pathlines to display the travel time or the capture ID.

GWD includes support for visualizing the vertical CLNs used to represent the pumping wells and also horizontal CLNs used to simulate the groundwater interaction with streams and/or lakes as described in the article by Muffels et all.


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