Technical Support

Feel free to contact us if you have any sugestion, question or problem experienced while working with GWD. Developer Marinko Karanovic provides supports directly and can be reached at email: or phone: (301) 500-2261 during the working hours Monday-Friday, 10:00am-5:00pm Eastern Time. If contacted by e-mail, please be sure to include the following information:

  • Exact steps taken to reproduce the problem.
  • Software Version (found in Backpage - File/About).

What's new in GWD version 5?

Version 5 release brings all new user interface designed to improve user experience. Major difference is implementation of the "Ribbon Menu" instead of old Toolbar and Menu bar. When compared with the standard bars and menu model, the Ribbon Control has the following advantages.

  • Simplified user interface.
  • Easy and quick access to commands.

The latest version includes improvement in many features based on our customer feedback and collaboration.

  • Selection: New selection tools allows selection and identify objects in the 3D Viewer and the attribute table. If you are groundwater modeler, imagine how many time you were trying to find where is the location of the particular cell in the unstructured grid. Now that process is seamless, selecting a row in the attribute table selects the feature and likewise, selecting a feature in the 3D Viewer selects the row in the attribute table. If the set of features selected in the 3D Viewer (or attribute table) is changed, then the selection is also updated in the attribute table (3D Viewer) accordingly.
  • Plotting: New plotting interface allows full customization of plot appearance including following features:
    • Plot multiple parameters time series data simultaneously.
    • Plot simultaneously time series data from multiple sampling locations.
    • Combine time series plots from multiple datasets.
    • View annotation charts from multiple datasets.
  • Annotations: Property annotations used to identify objects in the 3D viewer are now included in almost every visualization item. Chart annotation are also redesigned with an ability to display multiple time series on the same chart, essential when visualizing the chemistry data.
  • Animations: Version 5 includes a new animation interface including following features:
    • Fully customizable scenario builder with an ability to control animated items properties throughout the animation.
    • New ability is also an option to animate Modflow simulation time simultaneously with changing the camera positions.
    • Animation scenario can be saved and open later for eventual animation update.


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