Latest version: 5.1.92, Release Date: 4/29/2024

Groundwater Desktop uses the same instalation files for all three versions of program: Free viewer, Student and Profesional.

GWD can be used without any registration as a FREE Viewer in which case importing, exporting, printing and animation capabilities are disabled and is perfect for sharing your visualization files with colleagues and clients.

Student version is also free and fully functional but number of the model cells is limited. Please contact the customer suport for further instructions:

Profesional version is protected by the USB HASP licence key which can be ordered here.

If network license has been purchased user must install Sentinel Run-Time Environment software on any computer within user domain network. To open Admin Control Center, open a web browser and connect to http://localhost:1947

After downloading the installation file, unzip the file and run the "setup.exe" program. In case of your computer doesn't have .Net Framework 4.8.1 installed, when the first time GWD is launched, you will be prompted to connect to the Microsoft web site and download and install .Net 4.8.1 Runtime version and restart the computer.

GWD Version 5 Installation Files (Ver. 5.1.92)
Basemap Example file that illustrates use of DEM rasters, ortho-photo images and shapefiles.
Example file that illustrates visualization of the environmental data.
Example file that illustrates water level mapping using the KT3D_H2O.
Example file that illustrates 3D kriging/plume mapping.
Example file that illustrates visualization of the Modflow-2000.
Example file that illustrates visualization of the Modflow USG Voronoi grid type.
Example file that illustrates visualization of the Modflow USG Quadtree refienement grid type
GWD Version 4 Installation Files (4.1.064)
Sentinel Run-Time Environment software.


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