GIS Support

GWD provides you the tools to create high-quality basemaps and visualize various types of spatial data in 3D. Supported formats include: Rasters, Shapefiles, Images, GW Vistas MAP files and support for spatial database including PostgreSQL and GeoPackage.

GWD supports several different raster types including following formats:

  • Surfer grid files (*.grd)
  • ESRI ASCII grids (*.asc)
  • ESRI ADF grids (*.adf) and
  • ESRI IMG grids (*.img)

Rasters can be represented using Color-shaded Maps and Contours.

GWD is capable of reading and visualizing 2D and 3D shapefiles with an option to superimpose 2D shapefile features over the raster surfaces to show them in 3D.

Powerfull Expression Editor allows you to perform calculations on the basis of existing attribute values or defined functions.

The Filter Editor provides an interface that allows you to define a subset of the features displayed in the 3D Viewer.

The terrain rasters can be enhanced by overlying Ortho-photo images over 3D surfaces.

Improve your basemaps further by overlying buildings structures over 3D surfaces. Buildings can be genereated using the simple 3D shapes or using the polygon shapefiles that represent buildings footprint.


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