While GWD is flexible and has been used to visualize other 3D type models, development has been focused on the MODFLOW, MT3D, mod-PATH3DU and MODPATH, including the latest unstructured grid capabilities within MODFLOW-USG and MODFLOW6. GWD provides user-friendly visualizations tools to explore, understand and visualize the groundwater models, view the model numerical grid, input data such as properties and boundary conditions, and output data including heads, concentrations, fluxes and pathlines. Models can be examined using cross-sectional, cut-away, fence and layer "exploded" views.

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mod-PATH3DU, developed by S.S. Papadopulos and Assoc and University of Waterloo, is a particle tracking code for calculating the three-dimensional flow pathlines and travel time of solute particles. It supports the latest MODFLOW releases including the MODFLOW-USG and MODFLOW 6. GroundWater Desktop offers the full support for mod-PATH3DU including...

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GIS Support

GWD provides you the tools to create high-quality basemaps and visualize various types of spatial data in 3D. Supported formats include: Rasters, Shapefiles, Images, GW Vistas MAP files and two spatial database types including PostgreSQL and GeoPackage...

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Environmental Data

GWD offers several tools for exploring and analyzing your data such as:

  • Environmental data such as water levels and chemistry
  • Well locations and their screen elevations
  • Borehole lithology data
  • Geophisical data, etc
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KT3D_H2O is unique application designed to generate gridded maps of water level elevations that include analytical elements (drifts) that have important influence on the shape of the mapped surface and are usually ignored by other kriging software applications:

Combining the geostatistical and hydrological methods, KT3D_H2O generates gridded maps of water level elevations, together with approximate particle tracking and capture zones allows the user to support mapping-based hydrogeologic analyses without reverting to numerical models of groundwater flow.

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Plume Mapping

3D kriging included in GWD provides easy to use and robust geostatistical tools to:

  • Create and visualize 3D plumes
  • Calculate mass and volume of plumes at different concentration thresholds
  • Perform 3D kriging directly on Modflow grids to generate MT3D initial concentrations
  • If the input dataset contains the multiple monitoring events, the kriging input data can be grouped into events in which case multi event kriging is performed
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