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Environmental Data Analysis and 3D  Visualization

Version 4
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Groundwater Desktop uses the same instalation files for all three versions of program: Free viewer, Student and Profesional.

  •  Program can be used without any registration as a FREE Viewer in which case importing, exporting and animation capabilities are disabled (Printing is still available) and is perfect for sharing your visualization files with colleagues and clients.


  • Student version is also free and fully functional but number of model cell is limited to maximum of 10000. To register student version you need to fill Educational Order Form  to get Security code which will be sent using entered e-mail address


  • Profesional version is protected by USB HASP licence key which can be ordered here. :


After downloading installation file, user have to unzip the file and run "setup.exe" program. In case of user's computer doesn't have .Net Framework 4.0 installed on their computer installation will attempt to connect to the Microsoft web site and download and install .Net 4.0 after which on some systems user needs to restart the computer. After restart just run the setup.exe again and follow installation instructions.

If network license has been purchased user must install Safe Net Run-Time Environemnt software on any computer within user domain network. Use button on the right to download the installation. To open Admin Control Center, open a web browser and connect to http://localhost:1947  


GWD runs on Windows desktop and laptop computers, with:

  • RAM: Memory size depends on your applications and data. We recommend a minimum of 4 GB but 8-12MB or even more is highly recommend.


  • Graphics card: Having a good graphics card will make rotations and interactions with the software smoother and quicker. GWD will run with virtually any graphics card, though some graphics cards/drivers have better support for OpenGL than others. The best results are achieved using nVidia Quadra professional graphics cards because they perform extremely well.


  • Processor: Our software will run on any processor. Computation time scales with the processor speed, but dual and quad core processors will make the software run faster. Quad or higher core processors are highly recommended.


  • Operating systems: Microsoft® Windows® XP, Vista, 7,8 and 10. Note: Only 64-bit version is available for download and must be installed on 64-bit Windows systems.


Version 4 Latest release
Release date 2/10/2023

Version 3 Latest release
Release date 6/19/2019